Project Type

Web Development, Brand Creation, SEO, Security

Uplift is a national food nonprofit specializing in eradicating food deserts and providing work opportunities to those who have gone through the correctional system.


When I first started working with Uplift they had a very old website and a very poor online branding/presence. Being a national nonprofit it was problematic to the folks at Uplift and myself that they didn't even show up in a Google search.


After learning their goals I created a fresh new website for Uplift and was able to create branding for them that could be used organization wide. Their website has SEO built in and continues to receive SEO. These efforts have proven fruitful as they are now the number one result on Google.


Their previous website was receiving less than 10 hits per month. Their website now averages several hundred hits per day.


The increased traffic has also brought new challenges as hack attempts now number in the thousands per month. I have since started providing security and monitoring for Uplift and there has not been a successful hack of their sight since security has been implemented.


Project Type

Social Media Marketing/ Viral Marketing

In the highly competitive cannabis market of Southern California, The Reserve O.C. was looking for an edge. Co-owned by the rapper The Game, The Reserve O.C. was looking for a viral social media campaign to give their brand some BIG exposure.


With this information I created a series of sponsored content. The content went viral getting over 10 million views and driving plenty of new business to their location.


Project Type

Web Development, Brand Creation & SEO

Kenn Kweder has been an icon in the Philly music scene since the 70's. While Kenn is a rock star on the stage, his online presence had failed to take the spotlight before I started working with him.


Kenn was looking for a way to get his music out there and for promoters to be able to get in touch with him.


I built a brand new website for Kenn which includes the ability to play and buy his music and offers the ability to book Kenn for gigs.


The launch of his new website also coincided with the release of his documentary, Adventures of a Secret Kidd. Built in SEO got Kenn's new site up to number one on Google.


Since his new site launched Kenn has enjoyed an increase in bookings and has benefited from a professional online presence.


Project Type

Graphic Design & Logo Creation

The owners of Herban Source, a California cannabis dispensary in the process of opening, were looking for a bold and modern logo design that could be used in the various aspects of marketing for their new venture. The owners also wanted to stay away from the overt use of cannabis related images that can cheapen a brand.


I was able to provide them with a clean and sleek logo that provides a high contrast ratio for bold branding. Subtle use of green incorporated with a line drawing of geometric leaf created that upscale look, just right for Southern California.


Project Type

Web Development & Brand Creation

A YouTube content creator was looking for a central place to post all his content and a place for all of his followers to go. The solution was simple, create a fun and engaging website.


The Mad Hatter Show website is a colorful expression of the creative mind of the client. Providing integrated YouTube content this website drives followers with its integrated social media.